Tiger Heaven Resort Experience !

Wildlife Safari:
Tighten your seat belts as you go on Indian Jungle adventure, on jeep safaris to spot the king of the Indian Jungle The Royal Bengal Tiger.A great way to escape the hustle of city life and come up-close with nature. Fill your self with fresh air as you enjoy the jungle landscape and spot Tiger leopards ,cheetal ,sambhar,crocodile, Sloth Bear and variety of birds.

Duration 3hrs

Ranthambhore Fort excursion:
Ranthambhore fort is built on top of a hill, a Rajput fortress and a timeless beauty. The climb on the fort is worth taking as you can come up-close with history and the view of lake padam talo is priceless. You can spot variety of birds on the way and watch out for the playful langurs. Ranthambhore fort is full of Indian langurs ,Indian peacock ,kingfisher and occasional panthers. The fort has famous trinetra Ganesha temple,Kali temple, jain temple, shiva ,Mosque. Timeless UNESCO world heritage site worth visiting.

Duration 2hrs

Royal Spa
Royal Spa is ideally locate near the pool with lush green surroundings waterfall and lilliy pond. The exotic location is perfect for full body massage, aroma therapy, Steam And Jacuzzi. Our spa therapist are well trained to give you that perfect massage to release stress from your whole body. Our holistic approach lets your body and mind heal with traditional wisdom.We have special packages for couples.

Duration 1 hr

Campfire & folk dance
A campfire is set in the evening as you gather around it having wine and snacks While discussing your day’s events and encounters. The folk music and dancers captivate you with their Soul full performance. You cannot sit and watch you have to match steps with them. In short a fun filled and memorable evening .

The Great Indian Wedding Experience
While matches are made in heaven but we need a ceremony to rejoice. What better way to experience to be remarried in Hindu tradition taking the oaths in front of holy fire. The Vedic mantra and chants are performed by priest for auspicious blessing of Gods. There are various packages at our spa & Beauty saloon. The couple can enjoy a romantic trip and have Grand wedding as we have large garden area

With holding capacity 0f 1500 guest and banquet hall having a capacity 120 guest.

*Earn one night free stay in our pool side luxury Suite on 25 room bookings on your wedding.

Art & Painting
Colour the paper with water colour to bring your dreams and imagination to life. Stoke canvass the brush and paint a poetry on it. Here we teach you how to express yourself with art. A 2 -3 hour session is organized individually or in group.

Pool Side Dinner
A romantic starlite sky with glass of wine and just two of you or couples like you who want to make their trip memomorable .

Snake Dancers the Kalbaliyaas
Ocassionally men and women from the from a wandering tribe of Rajasthan who dance like snake. And their women dressed in black have moves that defy normal body flexibility.A treat to watch this rare and vanishing folk dance of Rajasthan.(occasional)

Spot The vulture at Sitamata
An ancient temple of Godess Sita Wife of Lord in mid of jungle with natural waterfall and ponds.A great place to visit specially during monsoon. It worth visit as you climb the steps to the temple and spot a rare vulture nesting among the rocky cliffs.

Camel Safari
A colourful decorated camel is used to take you on ride on the ship of desert. A camel is purely desert animal, it stays without water for days and walk on hot sand easily. You experience the village and landscape around the resort while on camel cart taking photos of village children and cattle herds.

Photoshoot can be organised with traditional or western outfit so you can take memorable wild portfolio with beautiful landscape of the Resort and Ranthambhore national park and fort area. Price: 25000/- onwards 40 photos on CD. Rates may vary with time.

Nature trek
An early morning walk by foot to nearby forest and hill area is oraganise with a local guide to catch glimpse of early wild birds, jackals . You not only come upclose with the wild but also freshen yourself with early morning fresh air.

Pool Party
Pool parties are organised for groups and school students who want to enjoy and get wet and dance to the tunes lates numbers .

About Us
Luxury, Romance, Wildlife Excursion,Rejuvenation only at TigerHeaven SPA & Resort Ranthambhore. Catch a glimpse of Wild Tigers of Ranthambhore National Park and dive into pool after relaxing massage at our Royal SPA the biggest and the best around here.TigerHeaven boast luxury rooms, Suite, WiFi, Poolside SPA, events and activities. An Ideal destination for Wedding, Wildlife Photography tours, Eco-Tourism. From your room the only sound you will hear is that ofchirping of wild birds in our splendid green gardens and of course each other hearts. Special treatment for couples and splendid food and campfire n folk dance in the evening. "At TigerHeaven Where God Lives."
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